Shitty Media Men

DISCLAIMER: This document is only a collection of misconduct allegations and rumors. Take everything with a grain of salt. If you see a man you’re friends with, don’t freak out. Men accused of physical sexual violence by multiple women are highlighted in red. **You can edit anonymously by logging out of your gmail.** Please never name an accuser, and please never share this document with a man. Please don’t remove highlights or names.
Kessler Jeremy Columbia Law Hitting women, secretly removing condom during sex
Stein Lorin Paris Review Assault, workplace harassment, nonconsentual anal, quid pro quo offers at FSG
Lorentzen Christian New Republic, NY Mag, formerly LRB, Harpers, n+1 Fired from Harpers for quid pro quo, targets very drunk women
Kloske Geoff Riverhead Books sexual harassment, groping, has bragged about luring women into the basement apartment he was living in in the past
Fish Hamilton New Republic, formerly Baffler, the Nation Assault of an employee at The Nation, workplace harassment
Hafford Michael Freelance Hitting and punching women, nonconsensually choking a woman until she lost consciousness, forced drug use, non-consensual non-condom use, inappropriate communication.
Frere-Jones Sasha Freelance, formerly LA Times, New Yorker Workplace harassment, domestic assault, creepy DMs or texts especially when drunk
Sampsell Kevin Powells, Tin House Workplace harassment
Doyle Sean H Freelance Unsolicited dick pics
Henwood Doug Nation, Verso, his own podcast/newsletter Harrassment
Wiesltier Leon Formerly New Republic Workplace harassment
Elliot Stephen Freelance writer/novelist Rape accusations, sexual harrassment, coercion, unsolicited invitations to his apartment, a dude who snuck into Binders???
Morgan Cal Riverhead Books those weird lunch “dates” that aren’t about work, sexual harassment
Javier Cardenas Mauro Novelist Rape accusations, sexual harrassment, attempts to harrass/intimidate woman into recanting accusations
Cassem Kevin Wendy’s Subway, McNally Jackson Rape attempt. Had to physically fight him off.
Sullivan Matt Bleacher Report (formerly Guardian US) sexual assault
Summers John formerly The Baffler Inappropriate communication (in person and digital), Workplace harrassment
McCormack Noah The Baffler, Tin House, formerly (?) The New Republic Inappropriate communication, harassment
Eprile Tony Novelist Sleeping with students, inappropriate communication, harassment
Rensin Emmet   RAPE, sexual assault, retribution against writers, inappropriate communication with female writers under guise of “editing”
Berney Jesse The Trump Scorecard, freelance including Rolling Stone and Cosmo Unsolicited dick pics
Myers Rupert British GQ inappropriate physical contact/communication, harassment, married, reaches out in professional context and turns very creepy
Rios Tomas Formerly Vocativ, Vice Sports unconsensual sex acts, physical intimidation with weapon, inappropriate physical/digital contact with young writers he reaches out to for “mentorship”
Chinski Eric FSG weird lunch “dates”
Sayers Ellis Thomas Poet Rape
Tunison Mike freelance, former Kissing Suzy Kolber (writes under xmasape) stalking, harassment, physical intimidation
Carney John CNBC, WSJ, Breitbart Inappropriate communication, harassment, inappropriate digital contact, sexual assault, followed someone into a bathroom and tried to masturbate in front of them
Boutin Paul former Valleywag, Wired Inappropriate conversation, unsolicited invitations to sex parties
Whitney Joel founder of Guernica, cultural programmer at Brooklyn Public Library Invited himself into private apartment, refused to leave when asked, climbed into bed with victim and forced “cuddling”, leering
Lin Tao novelist abuse
Lotto Mark Medium, Matter, formerly Village Voice multiple employee affairs, inappropriate conversation, in general a huge disgusting sleazeball
Fleishman Glenn tech journalist + editor (Fast Company) leading with open marriage in unsolicited emails/self-introduction to young women writers
Champion Ed blog, Bat Segundo show, freelance harrassment, verbal abuse, emotional manipulation. shit is going ON wih this guy
Soni Jimmy Huffington Post, Politico NY sexual harassment
Howard Greg Deadspin, New York Times sexual assault and harassment, inappropriate conversation, groping, not taking no for an answer
De Silva Mark Harpers, Paris Review, Aeon, NYT sexual harassment, domestic abuse
Dempsey Luke S&S, HarperCollins Sexual harassment, workplace harassment, inappropriate communication, verbal intimidation
Erickson Nate GQ/Esquire Sexual assault
Biddle Sam Gawker, The Intercept Inappropriate communication, harassment, inappropriate digital contact, sexual assault, followed someone into a bathroom and tried to masturbate in front of them
Shieber Jonathan TechCrunch Uses networking as dates – led to very inappropriate advances on his part, and coercion to keep the evening going
Carrasquillo Adrian BuzzFeed Sexual harassment, workplace harassment, inappropriate communication
Browne Rembert formerly Grantland, NY Mag, freelance for B/R Coercion, showed up uninvited to private apartment, refused to leave when asked, undressed entirely, and forced cuddling/groping; multiple affairs
Craggs Tommy Gawker, Deadspin, Huffington Post sexual harassment
Daulerio A.J. formerly Gawker, Ratter, Deadspin Sexual harassment, inappropriate conversation, verbal abuse in/out of workplace, emotional abuse, groping on business trips, intimidation, multiple affairs w employees
Mims Christopher Wall Street Journal, formerly Quartz Physically and emotionally abusive to partners
Green Michael Penguin Young Readers/Philomel inappropriate conversation (digital and in-person), inappropriate comments about appearance
Quinn Sean 538, now a freelancer Inappropriate overtly sexual emails (unsolicited), revenge porn, harassment, stalking
Meyer Philip Novelist Sexual assault at a party, repeated inappropriate overtures to employees at his publisher
Lund Jeb Formerly Guardian, formerly Rolling Stone Verbal intimidation of female colleagues, creepy DMs, encourages other men to have sex with blacked out women because “that’s what they’re there for”
Reisman Abe NY Magazine gave a woman a black eye, dm harasser, emotionally abusive, loses his shit at women in a public fashion
Lizza Ryan New Yorker Creepy af in the DM’s
Powell Austin DailyDot Flirting, sexual harassment
Marzorati Gerry formerly NYT leering, inappropriate comments to young staffers
Grant Peter WSJ Handsy (at the *very* least) with women at parties
Herrera Tim NYT Groping
Cohen Steve Macmillan Sexual harrassment, innapropriate comments and pranks (especially to young women)
Corn David Mother Jones Sexual harassment
Dreyfuss Ben Mother Jones Harassment, abusive language, threatening to ruin the careers/reputations of younger women
Bernstein Joe BuzzFeed Inappropriate conversation/comments to young staffers and interns, inappropriate workplace relationships, kept a running tally of women in the office he’d slept with
Jones Saeed BuzzFeed Not sexual but intimidation of fellows, tokenization, violent language, bullying of employees, threatening to ruin careers of younger and less powerful employees especially women of color
Frank Ze BuzzFeed Not sexual to the best of my knowledge but violent language, bullying, verbal/emotional abuse, idea theft especially of women
Raymer Miles Freelance, Pitchfork, Esquire, Qq, Chicago Reader Entices with open marriage, harassment for nude pics and sex, assumes perpetual sexual availability after a hookup, drugged a woman and attempted to rape her
Goldman Henry formerly BuzzFeed Told a direct report who came to him to report sexual harrasment (by Alec Bostwick) to laugh it off and toughen up, protected a sexual harasser.
Bostwick Alec formerly BuzzFeed Groped coworker, fired (see above)
Witty Patrick National Geographic, WIRED Banned from an industry conference due to on going harrasment of women attending conference for multiple years
Grabar Henry Slate multiple alleged rapes as an undergraduate at Yale University
Henderson Smith Novelist Inappropriate comments, sexual harassment, targets younger women
Beckett Stefan CBS, formerly Mic, NYMag serial’ sexual harassment of co-workers, allegedly why he left Mic
Jones Daniel Freelance, Cracked, Electronic Beats sexual assault, creepy DMs, leading on multiple women online
Perpetua Matt BuzzFeed ostracized a coworker he met on dating app a year prior because she rejected him, roped other people into ostracizing her, takes credit for ideas of women of color, dumps managerial/editorial responsibilities on women who are his direct reports, throws violent temper tantrums in the office
Davis Levi formerly Euromoney Institutional Investor harassed multiple co-workers for years, driving out at least four women. sent hundreds of unsolicted texts/emails that were emotionally manipulative. anger management issues too.
Thurston Baratunde formerly Daily Show groped woman at a party